David Bush, Technical Director & Artist in Residence

"I try to balance equal parts empathy and rigor as much as possible with the students. Knowing who they are, where they come from and what they're going through is critical to helping them discover and develop their own artistic voice. Expecting a certain dedication to the photographic practice is equally essential in helping students navigate through this complex and fascinating medium."

David Bush has been photographing for 20 years. At the age of 16 he built a darkroom in his parent's basement and taught himself the basics from the back of a Kodak box. Intrigued by the vast potential of the camera's visual language, David's practice insists on a finely balanced relationship between his artistic vision and the photographic tools that will ultimately transform that vision. As a result, his practice incorporates an expanse of techniques, from large format 8x10 textural landscapes, to tightly controlled interiors, to telescopic glimpses into public/private worlds.

David studied photography at Bard College where he received his BA in 2001. He received an MFA from Yale University in 2010. His work has been widely exhibited in venues such as The Samuel Dorsky Museum, The John Michael Kohler Art Center, 8th Veil, Paul Rogers/9W Gallery, David Weinberg Gallery, and 25CPW Gallery. In 2004 he co-founded "Salt of the Valley", an artist collective dedicated to critical discussion and exhibition of group installations in the Hudson Valley. David is also the co-host of Blindspot Radio, a monthly live radio show about photography. He lives and works in the Hudson Valley.

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