History Courses

Photography 110

History of Photography

This course surveys the history of photography from its earliest manifestations to the 1970s and considers photography's applications, as art, science, historical record, and document, among others.

Photography 213

Qualities of Life: Photography and the Human Condition

The multifarious tradition of photography as social documentation is examined from the early nineteenth century to the present.

Photography 214

The Portrait and Its Guises in the Modern Period

In addition to considering the ontology of the portrait, this lecture traces historical developments in portraiture in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The interplay between photography and painting forms the core of the material.

Photography 215

Photography and Performance

The course investigates the objectives, methods, and outcomes of photography in various performative modes at several moments in the history of photography, including Victorian tableaux photography, fin-de-siecle pictorialism, the surrealism of the 1930s, and postmodern stagings and constructions.

Photography 310

From Human Documents to the Image World: Photography, 1950-1990

In the decades after World War II photography's social and artistic roles changed in many ways. This turbulent period in the history of photography is the focus of this intensive seminar.

Photography 312 A

Travel and Exploration in Nineteenth-Century Photography

A survey of the far-ranging work of the peripatetic photographers of the nineteenth century

Photography 320

Literature and Photography

This seminar follows the parallel paths of photography and literature as their forms and objectives shift during the course of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Photography 322

Photography and the Modernist Creed

This seminar considers photography in its "high modernist" era (1900-1940) as a medium shaped by the key texts and events of modernism, such as the writings of Marx, Freud, and Bergson and World War I.

Photography 340

Photography Exhibitions

An examination of the history and practice of the photographic exhibition

Photography 410

Contemporary Photography and Critical Theory

This seminar investigates and evaluates contemporary photographic practices such as the use of appropriated and media images, alteration or manipulation of photographic prints, and the use of photography as one part of a larger installation or in a conceptual or performance context.

Studio Courses

Photography 101

Introduction to Photography

An introduction to both the techniques and the aesthetics of black-and-white photography as a means of self-expression

Photography 103

Basic Photography

This course covers the same material as Photography 101, but is intended for beginning students who have had some previous photography experience.

Photography 105

Photographic Seeing

An exploration of the visual grammar of photography and how it clarifies a photograph's meaning and the photographer's intent.

Photography 106


This course deals with the exploration of found light and artificially detonated light (strobe).

Photography 201

The View Camera

The operation of the view camera and advanced darkroom techniques are demonstrated in this course.

Photography 203

Color Photography

An introduction to the problem of rethinking photographic picture-making through the medium of color photography.

Photography 301-302

Advanced Photography

To prepare the student for ongoing independent work, this course emphasizes the exploration of visual problems.

Photography 305

Digital Imaging

This is an introductory course in the use of Adobe Photoshop for image processing. Emphasis will be placed on exploring digital photography from a technical and a theoretical perspective.

Photography 401-402

Senior Project

Working with a faculty advisor, all senior photography majors complete a yearlong tutorial culminating in an exibition.